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    The most relaxing place to be, a small paradise of the Ionian Sea.

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    Dive into the sea, and discover one of the most amazing natural wonders of our world.

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    Walk through the virgin paths of the island and shake off anxiety and stress.

Erikousa Island

One of the most virgin islands of the Ionian Sea, Erikousa, stands 8 nautical miles northwest of Corfu surrounded by crystal clear blue waters, endless golden and steep cliffy beaches. Its only few settlements allow you to discover the history of the island and meet the friendly locals who are very excited welcoming you and helping you with your little adventurous trip. The island’s pathways enclosed by olive and cypress trees, let you explore its nature along with the sweet smell of heather.




For Erikousa

Community Tel: 26630 71703
Police Station Tel: 26630 72400
Doctor Tel: 26630 71505

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For Corfu

Taxi Tel: 26610 33811-2
Ferry Igoumenitsa-Corfu: 26610 32655
Corfu Port Authority: 26610 40002-32655

How to reach Erikousa?

There are frequent ship routes to Erikousa, from Corfu town, Snt Stefanos, Sidari, and Acharavi that can transfer you and your family in short time. The trip duration varies from 1 to 2.5 hours.

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Erikousa is the perfect place to run away from stress and the pace of life in a city. On this island you’ll hear only the singing of birds and the sea. The small size of Erikousa (about 5 sq km) gives you the chance to fully explore it in short time. Only few days are enough for you to fully taste the beauties of this island, but at the same time live each moment on its fullest.
If you are planning Erikousa to be your destination for this summer you will need three things, your swimwear, a pair of diving goggles and your sneakers! Get ready to dive into crystal clear waters to discover an underwater blue paradise and walk through heavenly green paths to explore Erikousa’s nature.

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